Business Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the business app?2019-01-11T14:21:41+00:00

In order to install the app, fill in the form in the dedicated page, download the app and follow the steps as indicated. For more information, please watch this video.

How do I give stamps to a customer?2019-01-10T10:30:17+00:00

Open the business app, select the number of stamps you want to give and then press the “Give points” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, show to the client the QR code that has been generated. After the client scans it, they will automatically receive the stamps on their smartphone device.

What do I do when a customer wants to claim a gift?2020-06-27T20:34:08+00:00

In the Yollty Business App, press the “Claim Gift” button at the bottom of the screen. Scan the QR code that your customer has presented to you and when you see the claimed message on your device you can safely give them their well-deserved gift.

Do I need any specific skills to use Yollty?2018-12-06T10:25:10+00:00

Using Yollty does not require any specific knowledge or skill. Its technology is very intuitive, and no training is required.

Does Yollty work with every phone brand?2018-12-07T12:42:31+00:00

Yollty effectively works with both iOS and Android.

How do my customers add my business to their Yollty memberships?2018-12-21T10:18:51+00:00

Once you subscribe to Yollty, your business will be visible in the app. Your clients will have to click on “+” and find your business according to the categories or by searching by your name. Once they find your business, they will have to add it.

How do I give stamps to my clients?2018-12-21T10:20:37+00:00

The process of giving a stamp is very intuitive. The only thing you need to do is to stamp the smartphone of your client with Yollty digital stamp on the page of your business.

What kind of gifts can I offer to my clients?2018-12-06T11:07:16+00:00

This is your choice. Yollty does not impose any restrictions on what you can offer. It’s up to you to decide how to reward your customers. However, we provide support and guidance on how to select your gift, should you wish to.

How do I give a gift via Yollty?2018-12-21T09:25:53+00:00

Once your client has unlocked a gift (after completing his loyalty card), click on the green gift (bottom left of your business page) and use Yollty stamp. Then, you will see “Claimed!”.

Who can write a feedback to my business?2018-12-21T09:22:08+00:00

Only the clients who added your business to their membership. That feedback will only be visible to you and will not be published anywhere.

Can I send direct messages to my clients via Yollty?2018-12-21T09:30:40+00:00

Yes, you can send them messages if you register to your online dashboard on the messages section.

To what kind of data do I have access?2018-12-06T11:27:49+00:00

Yollty gives you access to an extensive range of data analytics on your business, from the number of stamps you gave to the number of customers using your loyalty card and many more!

Can my clients directly make a reservation from Yollty?2018-12-06T11:53:46+00:00

At the moment, Yollty does not support booking through the application. However, if you already have a booking platform you can add the link in the information page of your business next to your phone. Your customers are one click away from reaching you!

How do my customers know that I am using Yollty?2018-12-21T09:33:49+00:00

Once you subscribe to Yollty, you will receive personalized flyers, table stands and stickers with your logo and your gift which will help you to aware your clients.

What is the duration of my commitment?2018-12-06T11:53:16+00:00

Yollty offers different packages with varied duration. You can subscribe annually or monthly based on your needs. For more information, please check our pricing options.