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Yollty raises 1 Million to help local businesses in their digitalisation and grow internationally

With clients all over the world, this fundraising will help the international expansion of Yollty to grow significantly in the upcoming months

Luxembourg – 22nd of March 2021 – After being one of the first start-ups to be part of Fit4Start Program and after already raising 200 000€ in a past seed round Yollty has managed to raise an additional 1 Million euros in order to grow quicker and strengthen their position in key countries. Four years after its creation, and in a time particularly difficult for local businesses, Yollty counts more than 1,000 customers in more than 70 countries with a growing team. Despite a delay of one year in the fund raising due to COVID 19, Yollty worked with the LBAN (Luxembourg Business Angel Network), private investors and the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg to finalize this round. As it is often the case for public-private fundraisings, 50% of this money has already been secured and 2 milestones need to be reached in order to release the remaining ±50%. This new roundtable will help Yollty enhance the product, recruit the best talents and expand internationally.

Sustainable growth

The world current situation put a lot of things into perspective, especially the impact Yollty wants to have on the world and how they want to have it. As Yollty’s mission is to bring businesses and people together by helping them to build meaningful relationships, it was important that Yollty’s approach and culture are in line with its mission. “We decided to wait for the best moment for us before raising funds and not raise funds just to raise funds. We believe in a sustainable growth that will help us grow in the future, both as a team and as a business in a sustainable way. We have been working closely with local businesses, especially in Luxembourg to make sure our solution was easy to use and easy to implement.” said Alexandros Trepeklis, CEO and Founder of Yollty. In order to achieve that, Yollty is working on a new project that will bring local businesses all the complicated tools that are normally used by Digital Marketers, but in a much more user-friendly fashion.

Growing the team with the best talents

Since Yollty’s adventure started, the team has been working hard on finding the Product Market Fit which generated traction in their marketplace. Convinced that local businesses should have the same tools as Digital Marketers to be closer to their community, Yollty is growing their team with various talents such as Developers to enhance the product and Customer Success Managers to support local businesses in this difficult time and in their post-covid growth, but also, Sales and Marketers in order to spread the word all overt he world.

“Sustainable growth is not just in term of new customers; it is also within the team.When people come to work for a startup, they are looking to change the world. It is important to keep that in mind and support their growth within Yollty. Recruiting great talents, training them and challenging them are very important elements for us” said Alexandros Trepeklis, CEO and Founder of Yollty.

To test, learn and grow to help local businesses in these challenging times is a challenge that each and every member of Yollty’s team is happy to take on each day. Yollty started as a Digital Loyalty program but the product has since evolved to provide local businesses with a marketing solution to interact meaningfully with their community. It is important to keep in mind that tools are there to help local businesses. To be easy and efficient enough to provide strong value and to align with businesses’ owner routine is what we at Yollty are working on every day.

About Yollty

Yollty is a B2B SAAS that helps local businesses create a Digital Loyalty Program in less than 5 minutes. With over 1,000 customers in more than 70 different countries and new products coming soon, our vision is to bring businesses and people closer together by creating long-lasting meaningful relationships.

About LBAN

LBAN aims to match private investors with scalable and disruptive start-ups and support private investors in developing their investment skills. Their activities include developing and managing a strong community of private investors, partnering with relevant actors of the local and international start-up ecosystem. LBAN is driven by a board of high-caliber individuals from within the industry and is supported by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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