BabyShep : How can your e-commerce website leverage loyalty and marketing tools?

Handmade clothing and accessories for Children Based in Cambridgeshire. Made by amazing young ladies who slect the perfect fabric foru your little ones!

How did you come about a loyalty program?

We started a loyalty program because we wanted to offer something different to our customers. As a small business, having this program in place allows us to give back some of the love we have received and really thank everyone who has supported us.

Many businesses choose a paper loyalty card. Why have you chosen a digital version?

As we are an online business, we straight away knew that a paper card would not be possible. We needed an easy way, that aligned with our website, to be able to issue points to our customers without physically seeing them. A digital loyalty program was the perfect solution for us.

Why is it important for you to reward your most loyal customers?

As a small business, we feel that every customer counts to help us thrive. So we felt that it was important for us to give back to our customers for supporting us and helping us grow. Many of our customers spend hundreds on an order or even place multiple orders. Therefore, it was important for us to make them feel valued and specially to say thank you for their continued loyalty.

While looking for solutions, what were the most important factors for you?

We were looking for something that was easy to use for us, especially as an online business, and for our customers. We wanted something that was simple to set up for our customers, we particularly did not want a complex sign-up process whether it was for us or our customers. Lastly, we wanted an easy way for our customers to be able to redeem and track their points.

You chose Yollty. What attracted you to use our solution?

We were lucky and signed up before they changed their sign-up process. We were able to use the free trial that was made available to us up to 100 members, whereas other companies were only available to us for a couple of days. Yollty allowed us to really get to grips with it and testing the system out before we got our most loyal customers set up.

Can you tell us more on your loyalty program? What do you offer to your customers and why?

We offer discounts and free products after they have spent a certain amount, and this allows them to grow their points to get free items over the course of the time they purchase from us. For every £1 spent they get 1 point. we also offer double points events for our customers as an incentive for them to be able to grow their points quicker.

Nearly at the end! Would you recommend Yollty to other businesses you might know?

10! We love Yollty and so do our customers!

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