Cereal Lovers: Not another paper card that would have been lost like many others before.

Luxembourg based brand offering eco-friendly, organic-labeled and sustainable products.

How did you come about a loyalty program?

The idea of having a loyalty program came to us while researching on the internet. We noticed that it was an efficient way to thank our loyal customers and allows us to give them little gifts to show them that they are cared for and that we say a big thank you for supporting us.

Many businesses choose a paper loyalty card. Why have you chosen a digital version?

The year 2020 was tough, everyone was hit by COVID 19 which completely changed the way we do things and new distance rules were imposed on us. The digital option then became attractive to us as it was a way to thank our loyal customers in a safe way while still respecting the covid rules and to give them small gifts to show them that we think of them and that we thank them for supporting us. But we saw finally that having a Digital Loyalty Program has many other advantages such as reengaging existing customers and creating a referral program.

Why is it important for you to reward your most loyal customers?

After the hard times that we all went through, we especially noticed how much we missed our customers and how much they missed us. It was therefore very important for us to showcase how much we did and to especially thank all our loyal customers that kept coming back over and over again. It is also a way for us to get them to come back and see us more often if they are building up towards a gift 😊

While looking for solutions, what were the most important factors for you?

When looking for the perfect solution, we were really looking for something that offered us flexibility. Being able to choose different ways to reward our customers, whether its via points or stamps, being able to give them different rewards depending on their loyalty. We really wanted to be in control of how it worked and that it was adaptable to our ideas.

You chose Yollty. What attracted you to use our solution?

What attracted us to Yollty was the fact that it was a Luxembourgish based company, like us and that offered a digital loyalty card. We really didn’t want to offer our clients yet another paper card that would have been lost like many others before. We wanted to offer them a digital solution so that they could always have it on them and use it every time they come and see us.

Can you tell us more on your loyalty program? What do you offer to your customers and why?

We are a coffee shop where people come regularly drink coffee or indulge in our delicious and healthy bowls. After 8 visits we offer our customers a free coffee of their choice to say thank you. It is a great way to reward our loyal customers.

Nearly at the end! Would you recommend Yollty to other businesses you might know?

We give Yollty the grade of 10! It has never been this easy to say thank you to our loyal customers!