Rawdish built a sustainable approach to a loyalty program using Yollty

Rawdish is a healthy and quick food option established in Luxembourg since 2015. They offer their clients the cleanest of foods with the highest quality of products, a guarantee of no nasty pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and pasteurizers.

How did you come about a loyalty program ?

We decided to start a loyalty program, by seeing other restaurants using that practice. We thought that maybe it would be a good idea to start this program for our favourite clients to say thank you and incite them to keep coming back over and over again. We were approached by the Yollty team with the perfect solution to give some love back to our customers and decided to jump right into it.

Many businesses choose a paper loyalty card. Why have you chosen a digital version?

We are in 2021, where all clients have a smartphone in their pockets and by having a digital version, we can guarantee that our customers will always have their loyalty card with them to collect points every time they come seeus. Another point that was important for us, was having a sustainable approach to a loyalty program. The environment is an important factor to consider today, and a digital version allows us to help the planet by not using paper for our cards (which will only be lost anyway 😉)

Why is it important for you to reward your most loyal customers ?

We appreciate the loyalty and support of our amazing clients so much and having a loyalty program allows us to give them a fraction of all the love they have given us right back at them. It’s simply a way to say a big thanks to YOU for allowing us to grow into the brand we are now known for.

While looking for solutions, what were the most important factors for you ?

The most important factors for us were that the clients have an easy platform that they could use and therefore easily start collecting points on to start getting all the gifts we offer them. Another important factor for us was to have a loyalty card that was 100% digital. We all know how those paper cards can easily be lost; we are all guilty of it and with Yollty we have a guarantee that our clients will always have it with them.

You chose Yollty. What attracted you to use our solution ?

Yollty is so easy and fast to use. Creating an account with them took us 5 mins and we were good to go. We also especially liked that all the clients must do is scan the QR code and their points will be added to their card. Extra bonus is having all the different loyalty cards in one account, making it super easy for clients to use between stores, all they would need is only a few taps away on the app.

Can you tell us more on your loyalty program? What do you offer to your customers and why?

We offer all our products on Yollty! By building their points after each visit our clients can choose to save their points for the big jackpot or use them for a free coffee. We allow them to really choose what they want as gifts and allow them to choose products they haven’t tried yet. This allows us to give them the full Rawdish experience and discover new favourites.

Would you recommend Yollty to other businesses you might know?  (0 not at all and 10 most definitely)

10 Hands Down! Everyone should use Yollty it’s a tool that really allows us to show our love to our customers and especially allows us to thank them for coming back to Rawdish.