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Do you want to get more from your digital loyalty program? Now you can! With Yollty, you can turn first time visitors to life long ambassadors. Simply focus on what you are doing best, and let us show you how to leverage digital loyalty in order to bring back your customers and increase your revenue.

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We have helped thousands of businesses from different sectors to drive repeat purchases, increase their customer retention and ultimately their monthly revenues. Wanna get an idea what we could do for yours?

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Increase client visits 🎯

You love what you do, and you do it well! With our digital loyalty solution, we can support you to do it even better! Because now, you can strengthen your bonds with every client that ever visited your store, and incentivise them to keep coming back again and again. This tool is made for you, whether you have a physical, an online store, or both.

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Understand your clients needs 🤓

With our customer database, your clients’ behaviour and habits don't have to remain a mystery. Knowledge is power, so with Yollty's CRM you can get a complete understanding of all of the interactions a customer had with your business. Number of visits, number of points/stamps, etc., are just a click away.

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Send messages that are read 📣

With Yollty's push notification tool, you can finally send messages to your entire database, straight to their phones! With a delivery rate of 90%, push notification is the most effective way to ensure that your marketing campaigns and promotions reach every client that ever visited your store. So, imagine how powerful your message would be, if you had an open channel of communication with your customers. Well, now you do!

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Be n°1 on Google and Facebook 🏅

We know how important social reviews can be for you. Your most loyal customers love what you do and when they are satisfied, they become your ambassadors. With Yollty, you can easily ask real reviews from happy customers. Your rating and your number of reviews will increase, and so will your Google ranking as well.

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Get new customers 🤩

Loyal customers can not only increase your revenue, but they could be an invaluable resource when it comes to attracting new customers. With Yollty's digital referrals, you can incentivise them to talk about your business to their friends and family. In fact the word of mouth is the most powerful ad money can't buy. But a small gift can take you a loooong way 😉

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