Next Level loyalty with the User app

Complementary to the Business App, the Yollty User App offers so many advantages for you and your users. For them, it is a simple and fast way to stay engaged with your loyalty card. For you, it is a powerful tool that helps you elevate your program and make it even more successful.

2 mock ups of iphones that show 2 options, a points based loyalty program or a stamp based loyalty program
mockup of 1 iphone showing points based digital loyalty card

Total visibility for your clients

Clients that joined your membership via the Yollty User App can have a full overview of the details of your loyalty program and track down their progress in it. How many points they have, available gifts, unlocked gifts, special messages and promotions they received from you, all there at the tip of their fingers, even when they aren't physically at your store.

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iphone mockup showing a push notification

Experience the power of Push notifications 🎯

For the users that have downloaded the App, you get to interact with them via Push notifications, (or also known as THE most efficient and low cost way to reach your audience). With a delivery rate of more than 90%, no wonder it is a marketer's preferred tool to send marketing campaigns and promotions. Are you ready to test its power ?

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pacman set up where shape inspired figures posing as clients are illustrated

Appeal to their playful side

For the users of the Yollty App, there is also this gamification factor that makes it even more compelling for them to use. The principle is simple: collect points, unlock gifts, play more, win more 🤩 The simple fact of knowing how far away they are from their next reward can influence their behaviour in positive ways and cause impulsive or more expensive purchases.

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iphone mockup showing a stamp based digital card

Encourage and facilitate positive behaviours

The Yollty User App simplifies user engagement with your program and enhances their interactions with your business in valuable ways. It acts as a reminder of the extra rewards you offer your members when they perform referrals, reviews, etc. Plus, all these are easily accomplished at their convenience with the click of a button.

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How does it work?

"Is it easy for my customers to download and use the app" you ask? Well, it is as easy as 1-2-3

Oval shaped blue figure posing as client, holding sign with number 1

Step 1

During checkout, instead of using their phone number, the users scan with their mobile the QR code illustrated in the Yollty Business App

Circular shaped green figure posing as client, holding sign with number 2

Step 2

After the App is downloaded, no additional action is needed. The user joins automatically your digital loyalty card and is good to go

Triangular shaped purple  figure posing as client, holding sign with number 3

Step 3

The users can keep track of all their interactions (points collected, gifts claimed, etc.) via your digital loyalty card

Plus, your Clients will LOVE the App

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"Now i can collect all my loyalty points at one place! What a convenient way to always gain something with every transaction!"

Maria, a Yollty user on Android since 2017
5 stars

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