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Step 1
Apply to our Partner Certified Program.

Tell us why and how you will promote Yollty?
Click on Become an affiliate and follow each steps.

Step 2
Check & Validation.

We review your application. If you are accepted:
- You can directly take an exam, if you are already a Yollty client
- You will need to attend to one of our 30 mins training that occurs once per week if you are not a Yollty client

Step 3
Talk about Yollty.

As soon as you pass the Certification Exam, we will send you your Yollty link and all the materials needed for you to sell Yollty.

Step 4
Earn new revenue!

Promote Yollty with provided content and your new affiliate link.
Earn recurring revenue from everyone you refer.

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"Now i can collect all my loyalty points at one place! What a convenient way to always gain something with every transaction!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate program FAQs

We gathered the most frequent asked questions about the affiliate program. If you have more questions, please check here.

How many businesses can I bring in?

For now, there are no limitations in terms of businesses. However, we might change it in the future, so enjoy it as long as you can.

How much can I earn with Yollty Affiliate Program?

On every business you bring, we have currently an exceptional commission on the 1st year of the contract. Feel free to reach out to us know more.

How do I get paid?

We payout via Wire Transfer.

When do I get the payouts?

You are getting paid at the end of the month if more than 50€ (If not, you can cumulate until you reach 50€)

How long does the cookie last?

Visitors have 30 days to sign up on Yollty after clicking on your link.

When does a client need to pay in order for me to get paid?

Users that register a new business must convert within 60 days in order for you to get paid.

Still have some questions? Please check here.