Understand your clients’ needs

Unlock the Power of Digital Loyalty : Create your own customer database, and gather key informations from your clients, in order to better understand them, send them more targeted campaigns and fully control the performance of your loyalty program.

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different client types, one ordering online, one ordering by phone and one purchasing in physical store

Your Program, how you like it

During your everyday transactions, you need flexibility. Your clients can reach out to you via multiple channels (store visits, online orders, phone orders, etc) so your loyalty program needs to keep up. Via your database in Yollty, you can create new clients, look them up, give them points directly to their card and claim their rewards. No matter where they come from 😉

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Gain insights on your customers' behaviour

Have a clear overview of each transaction of all of your customers. In fact, you can see several crucial aspects such as how much they spent, how many times they visited your store, their current balance, the number of gifts claimed, their referral activity, the reviews they left you, etc…

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Create successful marketing campaigns

With access to customer data, you can now personalise your marketing campaigns and promotions, delivering offers that your clients will love ❤️ You now know that Mike gets a muffin every morning with his coffee. But he hasn't been around for a couple of days. How about sending him a message offering him a free muffin next time he comes? I bet you he would really appreciate the gesture! For more on messages, check out our Messages & Promotions (link) page.

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Track your program's success

Via Yollty's database, not only you can keep track of every transaction your clients ever made, but you can have complete control of the overall performance of your loyalty program. Combined with an easy to use dashboard that keeps track of your daily transactions (or these of a specific period), you can now access key info regarding onboarding rate of your clients, number of gifts claimed, number of new customers that visited your store, the ROI from your marketing campaigns, etc. Sounds great, doesn't it?

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How does it work?

A very simple tool to give you maximum visibility. Knowledge is power and it will help you take your loyalty program to the next level 🤓

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Step 1

New members can also be created manually via your database

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Step 2

Search particular clients and access their files for detailed info

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Step 3

Create transactions or claim rewards straight from client's file

Supported features

Search tool
Detailed client's files
Edit transactions
Data Analytics
Transactions History
Message history
Digital Referrals Overview
Private reviews Overview
ROI on marketing campaigns
Customised promo codes

Your program tailored to your needs