Get more from your loyalty program

A completely paperless and easy to set up solution, that helps you bring your customers back to your store. Whether you want a stamp, or a point based solution, Yollty's digital loyalty card is the way to go!

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Our clients have seen results up to

customer retention

Loyal customers are less likely to switch to other brands

lifetime value

Loyal customers spend three times more in your store than newcomers


Loyal customers are an invaluable asset to your business

new customers

Loyal customers become brand ambassadors that promote you both offline and online

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Easy integration with any POS 🔗

No need to change your trusted POS software in order to get a state of the art loyalty tool. By integrating Yollty to your POS, you can have the best of both worlds, and propose a fully automated checkout experience both for you and your customers, that causes no frictions or unnecessary delays.

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Change nothing to your daily operation ☀️

We understand that your time is valuable, and you cannot waste it on complicated solutions, that require long trainings and take time to set up. This is why we made a tool for you that is super easy to install and operate, and doesn't require any technical skills.

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Easy customer onboarding 🚀

When it comes to onboarding new members to your loyalty program you want to remove all possible friction and adapt to your customers habits. This is why Yollty offers them all the flexibility they need. Your customers can join your program either by the use of their phone number, or by using the App. Each solution offers different benefits and they get to decide what suits them more.

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A loyalty solution that adapts to your needs 👍

You want points? You want stamps? For a physical store, an online store or both? What type of rewards you want to give? Just decide on the basics of your loyalty program, and you will be all set in less than 10 minutes. Plus you can easily customise your digital loyalty card with your own logo, colours and all important information.

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Gain visibility on your Return On Investment (ROI)

Via our dashboard, you can easily access all the key information you need, in order to evaluate the overall performance and adoption of your loyalty program. You can create daily or periodic reports of number of new members, retention rate, total amount spent, gifts given etc., in order to calculate the revenue generated thanks to your loyalty program.

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How does it work?

We know you are busy. That is why we built a tool, that your customers will love! It offers a fast check out experience and adds nothing to your daily routine. All you need is the Yollty Business App and you are good to go!

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Step 1

Set a device with the Yollty Business App in your store for your clients to check in whenever they visit you

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Step 2

Clients collect points/stamps, either by indicating their phone number or via  the Yollty User App

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Step 3

To claim unlocked gifts, clients can create  coupons, that they present to the business during checkout

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Step 1

After first online order, a unique link is sent automatically via email to your clients. Once clicked, they become a member of your program

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Step 2

After each online order, the points from every new transaction will be automatically added to their digital card in the Yollty User App

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Step 3

To claim a reward, clients can create via the Yollty User App promotional coupons, that can be applied to their basket during their next order

Plus, there is an App that your Clients will LOVE 

200 000+ users already
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"Now i can collect all my loyalty points at one place! What a convenient way to always gain something with every transaction!"

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Loyalty with

Loyalty is the first and important step on a journey to build your own community and create strong bonds with your clients. But with Yollty, you can get so much more from your digital loyalty card. In fact, you can leverage digital loyalty to learn more about your customers, reengage with them with powerful promotions, improve your social presence and even get new customers. Want to learn more?