Get new customers

Set up a digital referral system and reward loyal customers every time they provenly bring more foot-traffic to your store. By the end of the day, who could promote better your business than your happy customers?

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Free advertisement that works!


of consumers trust suggestions from their friends and family


more efficient, compared to paid ads


word of mouth, as loyal and happy customers will talk more about you and your business

up to 5

new customers, per average referrer

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Boost word-of-mouth

By leveraging your loyalty scheme to incentivise word of mouth, you give your clients even more reasons to spread the word regarding your excellent products and services. In fact, by creating this win-win-win situation, you can expect 3 times more word-of-mouth than before. The new client gets a small gift, the referrer gets more points, and you (you guessed it) get a new client!

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So easy that your clients will love it ❤️

Since your customers are as busy as you, we wanted to make it effortless for them to promote you whenever they feel like it, no restrictions attached. From their side, with a click of a button, they share a link proposing your referral scheme to their friends and family. And that's it! After that, they will get automatically rewarded only when they actually create new revenue for you.

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Control the word of mouth

Thanks to Yollty's advanced analytical tools, you can see exactly the performance of your referral scheme. You can track down how many new customers you have from referrals, which clients promote you the most, etc, as to adjust your rewards accordingly and get even better results.

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How does it work?

A simple and fast way to reward customers that bring you provenly new clients

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Step 1

Set up your referral program, indicating rewards and benefits for each implicated party

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Step 2

Via the Yollty User App, clients can generate and share with their network, unique referral coupons promoting your business

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Step 3

The referred clients present this coupon in the shop, during their visit. Only then will the referrer get their reward

Your program tailored to your needs