Enjoy a Gift Card by helping your fellow colleagues

Yollty assists you on a daily basis, do YOU know other businesses that could benefit from it? Refer a fellow business to help them and get an amazing reward for it.
And thanks to you, they'll also get a discount when they start.

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How can I refer a business?

Step 1
Share your experience with your contacts

Share your experience and communicate the sponsorship offer. To communicate the offer copy and paste this link: https://yollty.com/referral-program/b2b-referral

Step 2
Creation of the account for the referred business on Yollty

Your referral creates an account on Yollty for his or her own business, then she/he send you a message so you can reach out to us. We take it from there.

Step 3
We check

We check that the sponsorship conditions are met:
- Yearly package
- New Business on Yollty

Step 4
Enjoy! You deserve it!

Once validated, receive a well-deserved gift voucher per referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Referral FAQs

We gathered the most frequent asked questions about the referral program. You have more questions, please check here.

How many people can I invite?

For now, there is no limitation in terms of referees. However, we might change it in the future, so enjoy as you can.

Does it work with Monthly subscriptions?

What is the gift for the referee?

10% discount on their first year purchase

What's in for me?

An amazing gift voucher! You can choose where you want to have it from! As long as we can buy it online

How long is the offer?

For now, we do it until the 30th of June.

Still have some questions? Please check here.