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Why Yollty?

Why use an application?

When you start heading for a Digital Loyalty Program, you might be wondering which approach to use. Let's see that together:

Paper cards

❌ Can easily be lost
❌ Time wasted at the cashier looking for the paper card
❌ Customers can have a lot of them in their wallet
❌ Only stamps system, no points
❌ Not eco-friendly
❌ No way to reach out to your clients
❌ No way to remind them of your business
❌ No way to use it as a referral program
❌ No PoS integration possible
❌ No API integration possible

The Yollty App

✅ Customers always have their phone
✅ 5 mins max to set up and start
✅ No Setup fees
✅ Push notifications have the best open rate (more than SMS and email)
✅ Easy for your customers to check their balance
✅ Create a Digital Referral program
✅ Check your return on investment
✅ Integration with PoS possible
✅ Possibility to use API

Systems with no app

❌ Ask for phone numbers
❌ Need setup time
❌ Setup fees
❌ Not GDPR compliant (you need a writing agreement that your clients agree to receive the messages)
❌ SMS are really intrusive
❌ You cannot add an image in a SMS

Wondering if it is a good idea
to send push notifications?

You ONLY send push notifications to customers who have accepted to receive them. That is why Push notifications are more engaging. And, unlike SMS, you can add pictures of your products or your store, which makes it nicer and more user-friendly

How it works?

What's next after
I created my account?

Loyal customers are the beating heart of every business, as they are the ones who will regularly visit your store.

The Business app for Yollty to generate QR Codes
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1. Download the Business App to give points / stamps

✅ Download the Free Yollty Business App on any smartphone or tablet.

✅ Each time a customer makes a purchase, you will generate a QR Code that they can scan

       🔷 If your client has the app, they will automatically get the points/stamps. 

        🔷 If they do not have the app, after scanning the code, they will be taken to the App Store or the Play Store to download the app and get their points/stamps.

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2. Increase customer loyalty

This is what your Digital Loyalty Program will look like:

✅ The User Balance
✅ The available rewards (in this case, the first one has been unlocked)
✅ "We love feedback" if you configured the reviews
✅ "Enjoy with your friends" if the referral has been set up

2 mobile phone mock-ups illustrating the 2 options for the digital loyalty cards, stamp-based one and point-based one.
Communicate with your audience via push notifications directly via Yollty's app
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3. Send messages

Push notifications are better at reaching an audience than Social Media and newsletters.

In each pack, you have some push notifications that you can send from your Dashboard for:

✅ Special offers
✅ Giving news about special opening hours
✅ Wishing Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or anything you like. Spread the love ❤️

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4. Set up automated messages

That's the next level. It takes a few minutes to set up but can really help you. If it is too complicated, you can book a demo call with us or drop us a message in the chat.

You can send automated messages to:
✅ Welcome each new member
✅ Reengage with a customer that did not visit you in a few weeks
✅ Create a special bond with a customer who reached a certain amount of points / stamps

Communicate with your audience via push notifications directly via Yollty's app
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5. Check the data

You invested in your community and now it is important for you to have a full overview of your activity. You can access your Dashboard at anytime to check how many:

✅ Members you have
✅ Points/stamps were given
✅ Gift were collected

and so many other things

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The best loyalty program for you

What type of Loyalty program?

Still thinking about which type of loyalty program to go with? Stamps or points. Let us help you.

Your customised screen for your loyalty program with points with Yollty

With points, you can give multiple rewards depending on the number of points.

You can set a default amount for each point (for example, 1€ spent = 10 points). Then you can create several rewards depending on the number of points. 
For example if you are a Burger restaurant, you could say 200 points = 1 drink, 500 points = 1 free Fries or 1000 points = 1 burger. It is great for businesses where customers pay different amounts.
And the cool thing? When a customer pays, you simply need to put the amount and it is translated into points automatically.

Stamps, the classic

Stamps have been used for ever! Each time a user pays a certain amount, you decide how many stamps you wants to give him. Unlike with the points system, you cannot automate this part. For each transaction, you will have to calculate the number of stamps to give. For example, you decide to give 1 stamp every 10€ and a customer spends 15€, you will then have to give him 1 stamp.
Stamps are the classic way to do it, that is why we offer it but we find the points system will give you more flexibility on the longterm.

Your customised screen for your loyalty program with stamps with Yollty
Why Yollty?

Why Local businesses love Yollty?

 That is why we worked with local businesses such as yourself to create the right tool for you

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Simple & Easy to setup

You can set up your loyalty program in 5 minutes. You need simply to create an account here.

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Simple & Easy to use

Instead of using outdated paper cards, your customers would simply have to scan a unique QR code.

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Stronger relationships with your customers

With Yollty, you can fully reach out  to your audience via in-app messages or push notifications.

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A better understanding of your customers

Yollty provides you with an advanced, easy-to-use dashboard, so you can constantly monitor your business.

Let’s simplify & digitalise your loyalty program

Your most loyal customers are free ambassadors.
Engage with your community by rewarding your most loyal customers and incentivising the undecided ones.