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How To Re-Engage Your Loyalty Program Members?

You have members in your loyalty program and you are not sure what to do with it? Discover some techniques to re-engage your customers and to leverage your loyal community.

How To Re-Engage Your Loyalty Program Members?

Are members in your loyalty program actively engaging? Maybe you have noticed that some members have not used their points in a while. Perhaps they have not accrued significant points, got frustrated with the rewards program, and quit, or there are so many different programs and promotions around your customers that they may sometimes forget about your offerings, which results in disengagement.

If you're having problems engaging customers in your loyalty program, don't worry! You just need to make a few improvements in order to increase your customer engagement with your loyalty program, or you can set up your business at Yollty in just 5 minutes, offering you the best digital loyalty programs. These engaged customers are critical to your business since they help businesses to make the most profit.

We will discuss the six best re-engagement tactics in this blog so that you can get back in touch with your loyalty members.

  1. Spread the word

    It might come as a surprise, but THE NUMBER ONE factor of success for your loyalty program is how often you or your team mentions it. It's essential to remind your customers at each purchase or simply ask them if they are already members of your loyalty program.

    Flyers, social media, and all the marketing actions are a great start but spreading the word on a daily basis will definitely make your loyalty program grow. You'll see this small step will make a BIG difference! Your team needs to understand how important it is for your business to have loyal and dedicated customers, and sharing the information about your latest new loyalty program is the first step for that.
  2. Give Loyalty Members Birthday Wishes & Point Rewards 

    What could be better than having your favorite food and beverage brand join you in celebrating your big day? Birthday points are a fast, unique way to experience happiness. Sending birthday wishes and birthday point reminders by email adds excitement to your loyal customers' feelings and show them that your business genuinely cares about its customers.

    When sending birthday emails, the idea is to include a convincing call-to-action (CTA). Offer your customers recipient points as their birthday present, and also recommend a relevant item they might order to rack up enough points to redeem their next reward. Customers will have a stronger desire to return to your businesses and experience your delight once again if you show how they can turn their points into tangible rewards.

    That is why we recently released this feature, as you can see here, or if you have a Yollty account, you can already set it up here.
  3. Remind your customers about their balance and unclaimed gifts

    Customers appreciate helpful and transparent businesses, and nothing is more useful and transparent for loyalty members than a business that ensures that a customer's reward points are not lost. When customers find they might have received reward points at the checkout, but the company forgot to inform them, loyalty members could quickly become annoyed. In reality, this situation contributes to members becoming disengaged or inactive in the first place.

    Use your digital loyalty program to remind them that they currently have points, stamps, or unclaimed gifts. Use, for example, automated messages each time someone reaches a certain amount of points to communicate with them about the evolution of their balance. You can do it from here directly if you already have an account. Even if loyalty members only need 5 points to get a fantastic reward, it will only excite them if they're aware; soon enough, the chance to redeem will be gone.

    Loyalty members would highly appreciate this opportunity to win a reward instantly, and the joy that comes with it would inspire them to keep engaging with the loyalty program.
  4. Reactivate sleeping customers

    Out of sight, out of mind. People might love your products, service, or brand, but a lot of other businesses market them, so their focus is divided. Fortunately for them, you can act on it and remind them why they love you. Share your latest news, the latest product.

    The push notification reminder for sleeping customers is an excellent persuasive tactic to encourage inactive members to return. Keeping track of the reward points (or stamps) and your latest news is difficult for customers.
  5. Boost Loyalty Member's Enthusiasm by giving

    Celebrating a new milestone or achieving a goal is the most wonderful experience in life. The VIP tier promotions are effective since they will boost your loyalty members' enthusiasm for reaching new VIP levels. People are more motivated to achieve a high rank when there are defined milestones and special benefits at each level of a VIP tier program.

    To ensure that your loyalty members receive appreciation along with a clear call to action compelling them to return to your business, it's crucial to set up automatic congratulatory messages by email, in-app push notifications, or SMS text. You may re-engage loyalty members with another email if they fail to respond to the congratulatory message and earn much more reward points in upcoming months.

    Whether you use email, in-app push notifications, or SMS text to re-engage with your inactive loyalty members, remember to make the message lighthearted and exciting. Also, don't forget to add a CTA to ensure that the receivers will know precisely what they have to do next.
  6. Empower them to become ambassadors

    Everybody knows the importance of loyal customers. But what if you make them more loyal by asking them to be part of your marketing strategy?

    You could, for example, ask them to recommend your business to a friend; they will be more than happy to talk about a brand they love and share them with their loved ones (Easy to set up here). You could also ask them for Google reviews or private reviews so they can give you concrete feedback. You will feel heard and that they positively impact your business. (Easy to setup here)
  7. Give Loyalty Members New Ways of Earning Points

    Customers' ability to gain points quickly is not always a problem; it's how they can earn point rewards. Offering your loyalty members additional options will help you engage more with them and also stop them from switching to your competitor. You can offer rewards for the following noteworthy actions:

    -Celebrating birthdays with you (Extra points for their birthday or free meal if they come with 3 friends. You can set it up here).
    -Enrolling in your loyalty program and be a member. (Easy to setup here).
    -Incentivising them to come with a friend (Special offer if they come with a friend)
    -Organising a contest
    -Following your social media accounts.
    -Promoting your brand monthly on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

    The traditional loyalty program concept, where points are only awarded when money is spent, quickly grows boring for many customers. Consider earning points from your customers' perspective. How would you like to do so? Simply through purchases or also through participation on social media? Introducing more ways to earn points can make it more exciting and will help re-engage with your loyalty members.
  8. Enhance the Speed at Which Loyalty Members Receive Rewards

    If earning rewards is difficult, nobody wants to continue engaging in a loyalty rewards program. You may encourage customer engagement in your program by enabling members to earn rewards more quickly. They will work considerably more to earn rewards and continue to be hungry for more as they see how simple it is to collect points and earn rewards!

    There are several ways you may help members get to their first reward faster:

    -Boost the number of points earned for each activity or money spent.
    -Reduce the number of points needed to earn rewards.
    -Plan a bonus point campaign for current loyalty members, encouraging them to re-engage.
    -Introduce unique ways for loyalty members to earn points; this will keep them interested and engaged.

    All of those, as mentioned above, are the most effective ways to re-engage your loyalty program members.

Examples of Effective Food & Beverages Brand Loyalty Programs

Customers love rewards, yet the majority of loyalty programs fail miserably. Top-tier brands have created their loyalty programs with a focus on achieving high levels of engagement, convenience, and longevity.

Such initiatives are successful because they increase brand loyalty among loyal customers by providing them with exclusive offers, VIP access to items, special privileges, and other rewards. Let's look at these three food & beverage businesses that are giving their customers outstanding loyalty programs.

Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks Rewards, one of the most popular and renowned loyalty programs in the food and beverage sector, has close to 17 million monthly active users. The coffee giant ensures that engaging in the loyalty program is enjoyable and convenient and gives a one-of-a-kind experience to its members.

●  For each dollar spent through the mobile phone app or a registered gift card, members receive two stars.

●  There are five different types of rewards. Each category offers a new reward depending on how many stars users spend.

●  You may purchase an additional shot of syrup for 25 stars, and you can select between a regular cup of coffee and a baked goodie for 50 stars.

●  400-stars is the highest reward that can get you a tempting signature cup.

Subway MyWay Rewards

The American multinational fast-food restaurant Subway, which is most famous for its sandwiches, created a loyalty program through which customers may earn tokens to get rewards, special discounts, and other exciting surprises.

●  Every dollar spent earns customers four tokens.

●  200 tokens equal $2 in Subway credit.

●  To complete the 200-token target, customers could also earn bonus tokens.

●  On the birthday, members get exclusive gifts and additional surprises.

●  Customers are immediately registered in the program after installing the app.

Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards

The largest pizza company in the US is Domino's Pizza. They launched a new loyalty program called Piece of the Pie Rewards in 2019 that offers benefits to customers each time they purchase pizza, even from their rivals.

●  Each order of $10 or more earns customers 10 points.

●  After earning 60 points, customers can exchange them for a free pizza.

●  Customers are continuously engaged with the loyalty program, which enables Domino's to attract new customers and re-engage with existing ones.

Turn Disengaged Members into Excited Ones

You must make your loyalty members fall in love with your food & beverage brand and the experience you provide, regardless of how your restaurant's loyalty program is designed. You should engage with them frequently to engage your loyal members and crave more.

Your loyalty program members' desires and expectations are continuously changing, partly due to evolving trends and the arrival of new products or brands in the industry. Businesses that avoid studying industry trends and popular advertising tactics frequently fall behind their competitors.

If you are not willing to modify the rewards or benefits in a manner that reflects what customers want most right now, not next month or next year, your loyalty program might work against you rather than for you.

Are you ready to get started? Yollty has the best loyalty program for you and is trusted by more than 1,000 companies worldwide. Yollty's loyalty strategists are always prepared to discuss the benefits of our customer loyalty rewards program and its phone app for your business. Reach out at any moment if you desire to boost income and enhance customer retention! 

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