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Automate customer rewards, by integrating Yollty loyalty to your Loyverse Point of sales software. Turn every visitor to loyal customer, without changing anything to your day-to-day operations.

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Integrate Yollty to your Loyverse till system and get the best of both worlds: A software you already know and trust with the best loyalty tool for your store, that offers your clients an amazing in-store experience.

Fully automated process

Reward clients automatically after every transaction, without adding anything to your daily routine

Flexible client onboarding

With App or mobile number? Now your clients can join however suits them best  

Fast checkout experience

No delays during checkout, no long registration forms required from users to join

Fast & easy integration

No special technical skills are required to connect our plug and play add-on to your POS

Client database & analytics

Via our detailed client files, you get to know your clients, and understand their preferences

Advanced marketing

Go beyond loyalty with a marketing tool worthy of replacing a whole team of marketing experts

How does it work?

A triangular shape showing 3 main elements that integration entails, POS system, loyalty app, and satisfied clients.

Integrating Yollty to your cash register software is a seamless process, that requires no technical skills from your side. You just plug our add-on to your till system, and you are good to go! From that point on, every transaction would be a means to increase effortlessly customer retention.

Supported features

Integration with till system
Easy onboarding
Printed QR codes on receipts
Data Analytics
Transactions History
User app
Fortune Wheel
Digital Referrals
Private reviews
Google Reviews
Push notifications
Automated messages
SEO optimisation
Online presence booster
Data management
Beyond Loyalty

A full marketing tool that understands your clients

With Yollty, you can leverage digital loyalty to learn more about your customers, reengage them with powerful promotions, and even inspire new customers to discover you and your services. Thanks to integrating with your Loyverse POS, now you have all the analytics you need to make your marketing message even more compelling.

Send powerful promotions

By integrating Yollty to your POS system, not only you get invaluable data on your customers preferences, but also the means to act on them in meaningful ways. Now, you can retarget clients with marketing campaigns and adjust your message and promotions exactly to their needs.

Reach out when it matters

Marketing is all about being able to contact your clients at key points of their journey. Whether they have their birthday, or they haven't visited your store for a while, our automated flows allow you to stay in touch, and send the right message the right time, without needing to add anything to your daily routine.

Get discovered

Now-days, your online presence is in many ways even more important than your physical one, and it needs to reflect the great quality of your products and services. With our all-in-one tool, you can now get ahead of your competition, and bring your customers one step closer to your business, even if you aren't an SEO optimisation and data analytics expert.  

Get chosen

Get more online credibility by automatically asking your raving customers to leave you a google review, after having a positivity experience in your business. Loyal customers are an invaluable asset and they would love to help your store climb in the place it deserves on Google local searches, given the opportunity. 

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Loyverse offers a free POS system suitable for various businesses, including retail, restaurants, and cafes. It includes features like sales tracking, inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and employee management. Loyverse supports offline use and integrates with receipt printers, barcode scanners, and other hardware. The platform also offers advanced inventory and multi-store management with analytics and reporting tools accessible via smartphone or tablet.

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