You have a loyalty program up and running, what now?

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So, you have created your loyalty program and you hopefully have followed most of the advice from our blog post “The 4 key ingredients to design a successful loyalty program”. What are the next steps? Following the steps to properly design your loyalty program was the first step, now [...]

The 4 key ingredients to make a successful loyalty program

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With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have seen many different loyalty programs, so we know what success and failure look like. The good news is that designing a loyalty program for success is not rocket science and if you follow some basic rules you should have no [...]

5 original ways to collect feedback

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Every business knows that by collecting feedback, they can improve their services and better satisfy customers’ wishes. However, if your business is like most out there, your clients either because they are tired, stressed or simply busy, do not have the time or motivation to give you feedback. What if [...]