Honoloa looks towards their future with hope thanks to their clients' support

Created in 2018 by a group of 3 friends, Honola offers delicious and fresh recipies all the way from Hawaii to Wow us in Luxembourg!

How did you come about a loyalty program?

Honestly, we didn’t even have to think about it. Having a loyalty program is a great way for us to say thank you to our loyal customers. Since the start, all 3 associates agreed, we absolutely wanted to offer our clients a loyalty card to reward them and to show appreciation for their continued support since our launch.

Many businesses choose a paper loyalty card. Why have you chosen a digital version?

At Honoloa, we make the effort to think sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to, in the realm of possible, reduce and recycle our waste. Therefore, it’s important for us to avoid using paper in situations where we can prevent it. We especially didn’t want to have yet another paper card that would get lost or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer or wallet, us included 😉

Why is it important for you to reward your most loyal customers?

As mentioned above, rewarding our loyal customers seemed like something obvious since the beginning of our adventure.

It's thanks to our most loyal customers that we were able to start our adventure on the best of terms in 2018. It’s also them that were there for us during the Covid crisis by coming back to see us whenever it was possible. Finally, it is also thanks to them that we can look towards the future with hope and be able plan ahead for it.  

While looking for solutions, what were the most important factors for you?

We were really looking for a paperless solution and on top of that we were looking for an easy solution, one might even say an extra easy one! It was important to us that it was not only easy to use for our team but also for our customers.

You chose Yollty. What attracted you to use our solution?

Yollty met all our criterias when looking for a digital loyalty program. We were looking for a solution that was quick to implement and easy to use for both our team and our customers. Moreover, it was – and still is- a young and dynamic company just like Honoloa. A collaboration between us could only go well 😉

Can you tell us more on your loyalty program? What do you offer to your customers and why?

Every 10-poke bowls bought; we gift 1 poke bowl right back.  

We didn’t want to simply give our customers a reduction on their meal, but to actually give out something for free. We often say to ourselves that loyalty should not only be rewarded, but it should be justly rewarded. We really want to say a big THANK YOU to our customers and through Yollty we can.

Would you recommend Yollty to other businesses you might know?

Yollty deserves the grade of 10. We would recommend all our fellow businesses to use their digital loyalty program! As Tina Turner once said "its Simply the best!"