Les Ruches qui dit oui ! de la Sarine: Use a Digital Loyalty Solution to stay eco-friendly and grow your business

Each week, you can find here food from quality farms around the area. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, bread, honey and jam, you can find everything you'll ever want, produced locally for your pleasure.

How did you come about a loyalty program?

I started out by having a loyalty program that was using paper cards, which was useful and efficient but very wasteful. I thought to myself that maybe it would be better to look for a digital version that would make the whole task very easy and more fun for our customers when its time to stamp their card. It really makes my life and my customers' lives easier.

Many businesses choose a paper loyalty card. Why have you chosen a digital version?

We decided to go with a digital version because this solution is much more eco-friendly. The environment is something we should start paying more attention to, so this is our way of taking a step in that direction. Furthermore, the digital version is much more fun to use than regular paper card.

Why is it important for you to reward your most loyal customers?

As a business in general its important to reward customers so we felt it was only logical to start rewarding our customers in order to retain them but specially to thank them for their constant support by choosing us and choosing to buy our products.

While looking for solutions, what were the most important factors for you?

While looking for the right for us, we were really focusing on two factors. We wanted a solution that was easy to use, whether it was us on the business side or for our customers. And the other factor we were focusing on was that it had to be efficient. The app had to be useful and really work with our concept.

You chose Yollty. What attracted you to use our solution?

I stumbled across the Yollty link and started signing up to try it out. I was contacted by one of the team, who was so kind and took the time to explain how it worked and what I could do with Yollty that I decided to sign up and start using the app.

Can you tell us more on your loyalty program? What do you offer to your customers and why?

To our loyal customers we reward them with products made by local producers so that they can discover new products that they might like and also to promote those local producers. All the customers need to do is collect 10 stamps and they will get a little gift when they come see us the 11th time 😊

Nearly at the end! Would you recommend Yollty to other businesses you might know?

10, thanks again for all the support and the help provided by the Yollty team.

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